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 +====== Concatenate traj files ======
 +Open ''​''​ and add the following lines:
 +''​trajin rec.h.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.eq1.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.eq2.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.eq3.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.eq4.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.eq5.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.md1.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.md2.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.md3.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.md4.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.md5.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajin rec.md6.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​trajout rec.all.mdcrd''​\\
 +Now execute ''​ptraj <''​\\
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