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 +====== Remove/Keep (specified) waters and ions from trajs ======
 +Open a ''​''​ and add the following lines:\\
 +''​trajin rec.all.mdcrd''​\\
 +''​strip :​WAT,​Na+,​Cl-''​\\
 +''​trajout rec.mdnw.mdcrd''​\\
 +Now enter ''​ptraj <''​ \\
 +But do you need some waters around your ligand or QMMM region (highly advisable)? No problem! Forget '​strip'​ and add these lines to your\\
 +''​solvent byres :​WAT''​\\
 +''​closestwater 20 :464 first **(Up to 20 WAT molecules around residue 464 will be preserved)**''​\\
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